Mr. K. Gunasegaran - Founder, Managing Director.
ChFC, CLU, ChIFP, RFP, CMSRL / B0136 /2009

Mr Gunasegaran is a Senior Associate Partner, Principal Consultant in Wealth Street Sdn Bhd, and independent Licensed Planning Firm by Securities Commission Malaysia. A qualified and licensed practising Financial Planner, he has 14 years of vast experience in Personnel & Corporate Risk Managementin the Financial Sector.

He helds a Chartered Financial Consultant(CHFC), a Chartered Life Underwriter(CLU) from Malaysian Insurance Institute in collaboration with American College of USA and a Registered Financial Planner(RFP) by the Malaysian Financial Planning Council(MFPC). Having spent the last 5 years in research, development and application of Investment planning for high complex client, he has developed his forte in Family Office model as the key component in preserving their hard earned wealth. Upholding his philosophy “Putting Family first” he has dedicated his practise to family wealth with the ultimate objective of ensuringtheir family members are well protected and that the family wealth is further preserved, accumulated and passed on from generation to generation. A regular speaker he has been invited by many in the financial services fraternity and he conducts frequent public awareness and educational talks on the area of financial planning, investment and family office for high complex individual.

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