Aspirational 30-40 year olds - "the world’s their oyster ..."

These people are likely to be couples, perhaps recently married. They are probably either thinking about children or may already have young pre-school age children.

Most likely, but not exclusively, the male partner is on the career fast lane as a senior executive, investment banker, up and coming medical specialist or a young partner in a law or accounting firm. The female partner may also work (and be career successful in her own right), but is likely to remain at home while any children are young.


To date, money has not been an issue. The couple may already have an apartment or modest residence that is largely debt free. They drive nice cars, go on regular overseas holidays and dine-out regularly. Despite this, they have been able to save and/or pay off debt because both are or were working, with a household income likely to be in excess of $300,000 p.a.

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