Reappraising 50-60 year olds - "a change in direction ..."

These clients are most likely to have a major income earner who is a professional ( e.g. medical, legal, accounting) or senior business executive that has gone as far as they want to go in a successful career. They are looking to wind down or transition to a less demanding and / or less time consuming role where their experience and skills can continue to be used.

Any children have finished or are close to finishing school, with most going to university – perhaps, some now have a degree of financial independence. A previously non-working partner may be returning to the work force but may not be contributing significantly to the family’s financial position.

The mortgage may be repaid or is at least at a very manageable level. The couple is likely to have a reasonable amount of superannuation and, perhaps, something of an unstructured investment portfolio outside superannuation.

Ongoing cash inflows exceed cash outflows, with no significant sizeable once-off lifestyle expenditures planned. There is an opportunity to maximise accumulation. Business executives may have vesting shares / options that offer the prospect of significant gains.

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