Successful 40-50 year olds - "make or break ..."

Usually, but not exclusively, the male partner is moving towards or at peak of a career, as an investment banker, respected medical specialist, senior partner in a law or accounting firm or high level business executive.

Generally, household income is well in excess of $300,000 p.a., with a sizeable component of investment bankers’ and executives’ remuneration provided as company shares and/or share options.

Any children are in or about to enter secondary school, most likely at private schools. The female partner is unlikely to be working. Alternatively, she may be doing a limited amount of work but it does not contribute significantly to the couple’s total financial position.

The family’s lifestyle is very pleasant, with nice cars, overseas holidays, dining out – to some extent, it is seen as reward for a potential work/life imbalance.

The couple is likely to have a mortgage, put in place to finance a residence upgrade to cater for a growing family. There may also be a desire to extensively renovate to update the residence to cater for changing family needs.

While all outward appearances indicate "success", there may be a feeling of not making a lot of financial progress – money appears to be going out as fast as it is coming in.

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