Consultative Wealth Management

Wealth management is the design, implementation and monitoring of a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy. We believe that a financial plan should be a dynamic tool that helps you make thoughtful decisions and allows us to provide proactive advice over your lifetime.
A comprehensive investment strategy takes into account more than just risk, return, and liquidity. It focuses on life events like college funding and retirement to make sure that there is a specific strategy for each goal and that it is attainable. It also includes an investment policy statement that allows us to manage your assets in a disciplined manner and in accordance with your unique objectives.
Consultative Wealth Management
We believe that clients are best served through “Consultative Wealth Management”. This process covers three main subject areas and provides a comprehensive solution to those seeking to solve their financial challenges and enhance their overall quality of life.

The Consultative Wealth Management Process:

I. Investment Consulting
Making financial decisions based on facts Using intelligent asset allocation to diversify risk Minimize negative impact due to taxes and fees

II. Advanced Planning
Wealth Enhancement – integrating tax management
Wealth Protection – insuring accumulated wealth and future wealth from significant loss
Wealth Transfer – ensuring thoughtful and efficient transfer of wealth to the next generation
Charitable Giving – maximizing benefits to both giver and receiver

III. Relationship Management

Client Relationship – Proactive monitoring of values, goals, assets, and liabilities
Expert Relationships – Coordination with other professional advisors including tax advisor, estate attorney, and insurance agent.

The Wealth Street Philosophy

We find that people spend more time thinking about their finances than actually planning them. At Wealth Street we believe that taking some simple steps in life - the earlier the better - can relieve the stress of worrying about the great financial unknown and can free you to have confidence in a financially secure future. Life is too short not to enjoy the experiences that bring you happy memories and rich rewards, and planning your personal finances is a process that naturally recognizes these priorities - a process in which goals are matched against resources to achieve them.
Our responsibility is to help you prioritize your goals so that they may serve as a guide for creating your financial plan. After all, investing without goals is like driving cross-country without a map: you might eventually end up where you're going, but you will waste time and money along the way and, worse yet, you may not even know when you've arrived. A comprehensive financial plan is a map to your personal finances: we use the plan to get you where you want to go. The financial planning process considers life goals, income, expenses, taxes, investments, retirement, college planning, insurance and estate planning, but it also takes into account life situations such as marriage, children, divorce, death, etc.
Our goal is to gain your trust as your financial planner. We look for clients who are committed to the process of financial planning and the review of the plan on at least an annual basis.

Our Commitment to you:

  • To Act as Your Fiduciary - We will treat every decision we make about your finances with the care and prudence with which we treat our own personal finances.
  • To Be Truthful - We will commit to "telling it like it is". Even when it doesn't paint a rosy picture, we will make our observations as we see them and base them on what benefits you the most.
  • To Be Available - We recognize the importance of maintaining communication and answering questions you have about pending financial decisions. After all, comprehensive financial planning involves more than just investments; it includes everything from analyzing mortgages and calculating insurance coverage to minimizing personal and estate taxes and planning debt retirement - and more. We promise to be available, when you need us, to help you make those decisions.
  • To Understand Your Life Goals - As an integral part of your financial plan and your future, it's important that we help you achieve your life goals. Understanding and recognizing these goals will make us better financial planners, but more importantly it will make you a happier person.
  • To Maintain Confidentiality - It is important to maintain all information and discussions confidentially. We feel it is important for you to know that anything you say will remain at Wealth Street and will not be discussed with outside parties without your prior consent.
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