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Not for everyone …

If you’ve had a look around our site before arriving here you probably have a good understanding of what we think successful wealth management is about. If not, we encourage you to spend some time getting a feel for how we think about things.

In Our Clients we describe the types of people that currently find our service valuable. If you can identify with any of these descriptions, we are confident that we can be of benefit to you.

But our wealth management service is not for everyone. If you’re looking for a quick fix or get rich quick approach then we will not be able to help. However, if what you want is the peace of mind that comes from knowing decisions about your financial future are being made using a combination of science and experience that give you the best opportunity to achieve your desired financial outcomes, you will find us well worth talking to.

Our Guarantee. Your peace of mind …

We know that choosing a financial adviser is a major decision. A good choice will enhance your life. A poor choice could ruin it.

From our point of view, we want clients that appreciate the value of our service. We need to be confident that we only commit to those who are seeking a mutually beneficial long term relationship.

To reduce the risk to you we offer a 100% money-back guarantee should we invite you to become a client. This guarantee is exercised by you informing us in writing within 30 days of receiving your initial Personal Strategic Plan that you no longer wish to continue the relationship.

We will refund any fees paid. No explanations are required.

The way we see it, if we haven’t been able to demonstrate to you the long term value of our approach by this time, we don’t deserve the privilege of helping you achieve what is most important to you. But we’re also confident that the guarantee will not be exercised very often!

Obligation free introductory meeting …

We offer an obligation free introductory meeting before inviting anyone to become a client.

The objectives for you and us at this meeting are as follows:

  • Yours: By the end of the meeting to be in a position to decide whether you wish to become a client.
  • Ours: By the end of the meeting to be in a position to decide whether we are able to help you achieve your lifestyle and financial objectives and, if so, whether you should become a client.

We take our objective very seriously and need to be comfortable that:

  • You understand that we are desirably entering into a long term mutually beneficial arrangement; and
  • Over the term of our relationship, we can add value significantly in excess of your outlay.

In the meeting we begin to explore your issues, circumstances and objectives. We also explain our approach in sufficient detail for you to be able to assess whether you would benefit by becoming a client.

While at this stage we do not know enough about you to give any advice specific to your circumstances, experience indicates that you will find the meeting a valuable use of your time regardless of whether or not we agree to go forward together.

The more we know about you, the more we can help …

Once you have decided to become a client, we set about obtaining sufficient information to build a long term cashflow model that represents our combined “best guesses” of your desired future While we try to make this information gathering process as simple as possible, the investment you make at this stage to ensure your data is comprehensive and accurate will be rewarded many times over in the future.

The detailed cashflow model is a key decision making framework. It enables you to look at the potential long term implications of alternative life events and financial strategies at any time while you are a Wealth Street client. Clearly, the more you embrace the assumptions that drive the model the more confidence you can have in decisions based on its outputs.

While most quantitative information (e.g. bank statements, tax returns, insurance policy details, wills etc) can be obtained from your files, we also hold a detailed information gathering meeting both to confirm our understanding of your current financial position and to discuss, among other things, how you would like your future to unfold. Many couples find this an enlightening process.

Can you achieve your objectives?

In the Plan presentation meeting we confirm our understanding of your current position and suggest alternatives to close any gaps between where you are now and where you want to be and/or to enhance an already sound outlook. By the end of this meeting strategies are agreed to enable you to achieve your desired financial future. Of course, that is provided those strategies are effectively implemented.

From this meeting you will have a strategic Financial Road Map to guide your financial future. It will contain a number of strategic recommendations that can be implemented with us or with providers of your choice.

Making sure good intention converts to action …

We do not encourage do it yourself implementation. We are confident that you will be better off letting us take an active role to ensure your good intentions convert to action. But not just any action. Rather, action that is most likely to take you where you want to go.

Following the Plan presentation meeting, we conduct a 2-3 hour investment meeting to explain our recommended investment approach. We also agree a target asset allocation or risk exposure consistent with your attitude to, need for and capacity for risk

Should you agree to adopt our investment approach, we ensure appropriate structures are in place (liaising with accountants, super fund administrators and investor directed portfolio services i.e. “wraps”), to enable you to cost and tax effectively access selected funds.

With regard to most non-investment related recommendations, we can introduce you to relevant specialists (e.g. tax consultants, legal adviors) who have consistently demonstrated their competence and commitment to service over many years. We will monitor your progress in implementing these recommendations.

But this is just the beginning …”

Approximately six months after completion of your initial Plan, we review every aspect of it with you to confirm your understanding, to take account of any changes in your circumstances and/or the planning environment and to assess implementation progress.

Beyond that, the Plan is reviewed fully at least annually. Adjustments are made to ensure that you remain “on track”. Over a number of years the Plan will invariably undergo significant change reflecting the reality that the world and your objectives are dynamic.

Despite the scheduled reviews, we encourage you to discuss with us any actual or proposed events that you believe may have a major impact on your financial future as soon as you become aware of them. There may be alternative ways to react that you have not considered. Nobody appreciates being told some time later that “there was a better way”.

Become a Wealth Street client …

We are confident that we can give you the best opportunity to reach your desired financial outcomes. If you’re serious about your financial future you should speak to us.

The following selection of unsolicited client comments from a satisfaction survey conducted in November 2008 provide some insight to the value existing clients obtain from our service. We believe they are more eloquent than we could ever be:

  • We have been clients for many years and have always been impressed by the sound financial principles that all advice to us has been based upon”.
  • Objective experienced advice with undoubted integrity”.
  • I feel there is a lot of depth of knowledge and care behind the advice I receive”.
  • It is an interesting time to do this survey. I feel if I hadn’t gone through the fairly rigorous process of setting up my plan with a Wealth Street adviser, I would be feeling a lot more insecure … now. I think the whole concept of the plan does help me to deal emotionally with the present volatility and with all the hype that surrounds it”.
  • Very happy. Very professional and friendly service. Like the “scientific” basis of the advice, so different to that of most advisors. Have recommended Wealth Street to several friends and colleagues”.
  • Wealth Street services are invaluable to our peace of mind with relation to our financial situation. The service is excellent, with attention to detail really appreciated”.
  • To me it is all about peace of mind, knowing that all available alternatives have been thoughtfully considered, and that tax effectiveness is key”.
  • Total confidence that I am in good hands and good communications with me and my accountant”.
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